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Medical Center in Bath, Somerset
Medical Center in Bath, Somerset A dental implant is a tiny titanium screw which is placed into the bone where a tooth is missing to supply the most stable and long-lasting platform for the replacement of the missing teeth. Implants are incredibly strong so you can bite and chew with an implant just like natural teeth, even with hard foods like apples and carrots. Implants are the most natural replacements for missing teeth available today. The Dental Implant Clinic is pleased to say that a new member has been added to our professional staff.

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24 Newbridge Rd
Bath, Somerset
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read moreWe aim to make the procedures at The Dental Implant Clinic as easy as possible for you. If you are nervous or do not want to be aware of what is happening during treatment, then sedation might be the option...
Why Us
read moreThe Dental Implant Clinic is run by Jonathon Schofield, who is a nationally and internationally known dental implantologist with over 25 years of experience in using dental implants to restore smiles to...
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